Digital Elevations: Marketing Powered Online

Today, our path to profitability has elevated us into the era of the internet…

From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, we live in a digital world and businesses need to embrace the change in technology.

That’s why for your business to flourish, it must have a sophisticated online presence.

Today in Startup Profits Daily our The Path to Profitability marketing series continues into the future — here are all the effective marketing and digital advertising tips for entrepreneurs that I’ve come to learn in my experience…

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an essential method in digital marketing.

It’s considered one of the primary factors that significantly contribute to the online presence of your startup. Through social media marketing, you can communicate, interact and share the content with your potential customers.

Today, eight out of every 10 people are active on various social networking sites. So you can take great advantage of the wide audience to market the services and products you’ve developed or invested in. [I’ll go into more depth on Thursday’s final installment of our marketing series.]

As my mentor Zig Ziglar always said, “Everything is selling.” No need to run from it or be ashamed of it. To sell is to serve. Get good at pitching your brand/services/ideas and you will take control of your success.

Creative Content Marketing

When it comes to creating content, consider the following:

You need to solve a need in a way that no one else can. By doing so, you create greater value around your message.

Ever heard the famous phrase “Content is king”? Yes! Indeed, content is king.

The phrase is extremely popular in the world of digital marketing. It plays a significant role in the growth of the startup you’re investing in, but the content you create must also be unique so that it highly persuades your audience to initiate a good purchasing process.

Likewise, content marketing helps you interact or communicate about your brand or product to your potential customers, which leads to something called search engine optimization, or SEO…

If you have really decided to venture in the world of digital marketing to promote your products and services, then you need to know about SEO.

Search engine optimization strategies will help you rank high on Google and other search engine result pages (SERP). It’s important to note that you are not the only one in that line of business — whenever a customer or client searches a specific keyword related to your service or product, it is presented by Google with thousands of similar sites.

The use of SEO strategies ensures that your site is at the top of search results. Only then will you be getting as many customers as possible.

Pay-per-Click Marketing

This type of digital marketing is outstanding at generating more leads or sales-ready leads…

It’s a vital strategy where an entrepreneur uses search-engine advertising approaches to drive customers to the business website.

The great thing about pay-per-click marketing is that you only pay for the advertisement when a client clicks — it’s one of the fastest ways of promoting your brand presence online.

So when using pay-per-click marketing, you must ensure that you update the content or message frequently as well as test the results to measure its effectiveness.

Likewise, this will come in handy when it comes to email marketing, which is one of the oldest but effective forms of digital marketing for entrepreneurs. However, you will be required to consistently update the strategy. Likewise, it is very cost-effective for both small- and large-scale organizations and companies.

Email marketing requires that the language be persuasive and simple — also, you should not forget to describe the advantages of your product or service.

The Last Chapter

Remember that it’s important to hone in on your message, be creative, provide tremendous value, send emails with essential information and learn to generate more leads using a successful keyword strategy.

Learn to do this well and watch your startup grow online — and exponentially.

These digital marketing tips I’ve laid out today aren’t the end of our The Path to Profitability marketing series — not at all! We have one final chapter to reach the end of our path… and what a journey it’s been.

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