Start Building Your Brand Today

Dear Startup Profits Daily Reader,

Back in the early ’80s, I helped sell Tony Little’s and Billy Mays’ products and launch Jack LaLanne’s products. They were all massive successes.

I’d built all these brands for a lot of people, but nobody knew who Kevin Harrington is…

Something needed to change.

I started by working with the people I know. I found a group of mentors.

Mentorship is a powerful tool for success.

I needed help. I needed people to take my old business — As Seen On TV — and transition it to a new model.

On Tuesday I dove into the four most important things you can do for your business right now.

(If you missed it, simply click here.)

The fourth, and arguably the most important, thing you can do is build your brand.

Today I want to take a deep dive into building your own brand. Let’s get started…

How Did I Start Building My Brand?

I had to become a Key Person of Influence. I needed to raise my profile to build my brand.

I started with a book: Become a Key Person of Influence.

There are five amazing steps and one of the major steps here to publish. Write a book and you suddenly become credible.

So I started coming out with books. Then I created a digital magazine. Much like Forbes did: People give you the articles for free because they get profiled in your distribution.

My digital magazine is called SharkPreneur. I get free content. There aren’t printing or distribution costs because it’s delivered over the internet… so it’s absolutely free across the board.

Between the books, the digital magazines, building the brand and creating content, I started to generate action by going on radio stations everywhere.

I started on just a couple of radio shows, which became five radio shows, then 25 shows, 50 shows and eventually over 125 shows.


And what was I doing?

I was generating hundreds of thousands of leads going to a funnel. My audience was growing digitally by the second…

There are also other ways to create good content.

Right now, for my brand, I speak on small and large stages, get articles into trade journals, attend conferences, do two live podcasts called SharkPreneur and Startup Millionaires, create content for my blog and social media, help empower entrepreneurs, am a guest on other podcasts and social channels and so much more.

What Happened When I (Finally) Built My Own Brand?

Once I started to build my brand, it got the attention of Mark Burnett. This gave me a great opportunity to grow my profile. People started coming to me for everything entrepreneurship.

Then Mark asked me to be on the show Shark Tank!

In fact, I was so inundated that I had to start turning down opportunities every single day. There’s only so much time in a day, and I want to focus on the real winners and the real people that can make a difference in my life.

The core thing right now is that you need to do what moves the needle. You need to continue to raise your profile.

Do you have the courage to build your brand?

Sent from a Shark,

Kevin Harrington