The Final Hurdle: Social Media

We live in a new and exciting time, thanks to technology…

While it’s true that technology has changed everything, it’s also true that you need to get better at leveraging your marketing tactics in a digital world for your startup to skyrocket.

Never before has it been so easy to share your message, but never before has the channel been so crowded. If you don’t create a message worth hearing, you’ll never build the kind of influence that leads to success.

Perhaps you have a great message or product but don’t know how to share it.

Or maybe you dream of having influence but don’t know how to break into a crowded space.

Whatever you want, you have to pursue the right things well or all your work won’t make a difference.

If you’re going to be a Key Person of Influence, the go-to stand-out person in your industry, there’s more to the story and it’s the last chapter, the final phase in our Road to Profitability marketing series…

The Start of Something New

Imagine we live in 1876 and the first microphone has just been invented. It’s an exciting new device that takes the human voice and amplifies it to a greater audience. This new technology is fascinating to a lot of people.

Imagine there are seminars and courses on how to set up a microphone, how to switch it on and how to fiddle with the dials. People start writing articles like:

  • How to Make Millions With a Microphone
  • Microphone Secrets
  • Microphone Wealth.

To some it seems like the microphone is making people rich, but they are missing the point. The money doesn’t go to people who know how a microphone works — it goes to the people who know how to sing.

And this presents a problem:

A bad singer becomes a louder bad singer with a microphone in their hand.

Technology is most valuable in the hands of someone who has a powerful message. But without a finely tuned human element, all the technology in the world isn’t very helpful.

Today, we have social media as the new “microphone.” It takes a message and gets it out to the world almost instantly. Many people have become obsessed by this new technology.

They attend courses called:

  • Social Media Millions
  • E-Commerce Passive Income
  • Make Money Online.

Some courses are very good, but many get people focused on the wrong thing.

It’s not social media, e-commerce platforms or a pretty webpage that makes people rich — it’s their message.

It’s All About the Message

Social media make people louder — it’s a unique tool, nothing more, nothing less. The internet provides awesome leverage for a startup company but can be a waste of money for someone else.

Just like a bad singer is a loud bad singer when they have a microphone, a boring business message gets ignored online and a terrible idea can haunt you for years.

You have to make sure your message resonates with your audience and your consumer base and provides a value that they can see. Otherwise, you are just another loud voice in a sea of loud voices.

If we were alive at the time of the invention of the microphone, I would have advised you to get good at singing rather than setting up microphones.

Today if you want to succeed and become an influencer, you need to Get Good at Pitching Your Ideas.

Many entrepreneurs have good ideas. The people who make the most money are the people who can pitch their ideas to other influencers and investors.

Productize Your Unique Value

What sets you out among the crowd?

A loud voice won’t do it. You need to show your value with a unique idea, product or service that stands out in the marketplace.

There are a host of tools that can help you get your idea and your message out in front of the world. Each one serves a different purpose. Build your profile in such a way that you reach your target customer.

For instance, when I saw that preferences for watching TV were changing, I began working more in the digital space. This means you need to solve a need in a way that no one else can. By doing so, you create greater value around your message…

I didn’t change my core methods, but I adapted them to the current reality.

The Story Continues…

I owe much of my success to the people I’ve partnered with. That’s why I’m adamant about creating your own dream team.

Without one, you’re limited by what you can do. With one, you multiply your strengths and shore up your weaknesses.

Dream big and think about who you could add to your team to multiply your success.

Remember, the loudest voice isn’t always the best voice. If you want to stand out in your niche and become a person of influence, you need to get good at everything like websites, apps, devices and other technology.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our Path to Profitability marketing series, and though we’ll be closing our focus on marketing for now, there’s still so much to learn!

So keep an eye out because as you’ve come to know, with Startup Profits Daily the story continues…

Sent from a Shark,

Kevin Harrington